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Here at Everlong we want you to achieve the best results from using our amazing non waxing, superior finish paint, so we have compiled this useful guide. If you do not find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us and one of the Everlong Team will be eager to help you.

Top 10 questions

What is 'bleed through'?
With some pieces of furniture, typically pieces pre 1930s and 1940s, after painting the first coat there is sometimes a yellow or pink stain which bleeds through the paint. This is caused by tannins used in the varnish, old polish or sometimes nicotine. No matter how many coats of paint you apply, the stain colour will continue to bleed through. To remedy this, simply apply Everlong One Coat Sealer to the affected area only, wait for it to completely dry, then repaint and reseal if required.
Can Everlong Superior Finish Paint be watered down?
As Everlong Paint is water based, it is absolutely fine to add water to create a colour wash effect. Everlong Paint can also be watered down for use in paint sprayers, but please check the manufacturers instructions to find out the paint to water ratio as this can vary depending on manufacturer.
Can I transform my kitchen using Everlong Superior Finish Paint?
This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get asked on a daily basis. Everlong Superior Finish Paint is so easy to use and ideal choice to give your kitchen a new lease of life. Firstly wipe down all the surfaces to be painted (units, tiles) with a good quality sugar soap, as this will remove all dirt and grease that may be tempted to bleed though your paint. Apply 2-3 coats of your chosen Everlong shade, then once dry apply Everlong One Coat Sealer. For tiles and laminate surfaces, we recommend keying the surface by wiping over with a medium grit sandpaper as this will enable Everlong Paint to adhere easily.
What surfaces can I paint with Everlong Superior Finish Paint?
Everlong Paint can be used on wood, glass, plastic, metal, tiles, pottery, material and laminated wood. If you find any more uses, then please let us know.
Can I buy Everlong Superior Finish Paint online?
Yes you can. Please visit our stockist map here and extend your radius search to view the whole map. The brown box icons indicate all our stockists who post out. We do not post out directly from Head Office as we prefer to leave our stockists to benefit from all post out sales.
Where can I buy Everlong Superior Finish Paint?
To locate your nearest Everlong Stockist please click here. If there is no stockist near you, feel free to tell your local craft/vintage shop all about us, and you could earn yourself a hamper full of Everlong goodies, please contact us for more details.
Is Everlong Superior Finish Paint suitable for use on children's furniture?
Everlong Paint and One Coat Sealer both hold the EN71-3 compliance certificate, which means both products are completely safe to use on all children's toys and furniture.
Do I need an additional sealer or varnish?
Everlong One Coat Sealer is a child safe, water based matt sealer, which is used to add extra protection for high traffic items such as kitchen units, table tops, floors and bath panels. Our sealer is water, scratch, heat and child/pet resistant, so you know you have extra protection without destroying your furniture. Everlong One Coat Sealer also doubles up as a stain blocker, saving you time and money.
Can I mix Everlong Superior Finish Paint shades?
All 25 stunning Everlong shades can be mixed with each other to create a bespoke colour, just for you, so go on, get creative. You can even mix them with our Heavenly metallics to create even more fabulous shimmering colours.
Can I really skip waxing when using Everlong Superior Finish Paint?
Yes you can. The finish of the paint is just like a waxed chalk paint. You can leave Everlong Paint as it is, for a matt chalky finish, or buff with a soft cloth or sponge to activate the unique built in wax, to leave a soft sheen and added protection.

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